onyx table lampMexican Onyx is a well known gemstone or semi precious stone that has been mined in the region for hundreds of years. The Nahuatl people used Onyx to carve masks and other artifacts, while the Spanish Colonists used it to adorn their churches.

Mexican Onyx’s texture offers patterns and veins that are truly one of a kind. Pieces can be similar but just like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. The translucency of Onyx is perfect for table and floor lamps as well as for Onyx wall lighting. The light it emits is soft and calming. Sinks made of Onyx give bathrooms a unique feel. Onyx with its soft, earthy tones is ideal for bath and spa accessories.

The colors of Onyx are soft and sensuous; the pastel shades of honey, minty green, swirly browns and puffy whites, create a feel unlike any other.

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